Kathleen & Kevin engagement shoot

August, and the first engagement session of the year!? I know. I must confess that I actively avoid engagement sessions. Yes they’re great for getting to know people, yes they can be fun and provide some great images for the reception, but they make me extremely nervous! The funny thing is that I’m not nervous about wedding-day shooting—I am used to working under pressure and when it comes around to the portrait session it just sort of flows as part of the day, generally—couples are elevated and in the rhythm of things, and I work with that. An engagement session however is just that portrait session all on its own and I confess I struggle with getting people in the ‘groove’ when all we did is drive to a certain location, get out of the car and say hi. I am pleased, however, that working with Kathleen and Kevin in all sorts of scratchy grass, hay and bugs, I got over the fear of my dreaded first e-shoot of the season and got some decent images to boot. ( : Whew! I am very much looking forward to their September wedding and I think all of us will be more relaxed—odd as that may seem. Thanks to Jules and Amish for throwing hay, holding flashes and filming!

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Ian Mitchell Beautiful set, I hate those nerves too, but these are great.

Jessie Hold kæft, hvor er du dygtig!

James Great work Melia. That last image is athletic perfection.

Kristi You are so amazing. Thanks for keeping it real 🙂

fabiola These are beautiful!